Alignment Based Yoga Therapy: 

Yoga is about so much more than just the body. The body is merely the gateway to the practice. The classroom serves as a laboratory to experiment, learn and practice techniques that can facilitate physical and emotional healing in order to take them into life.

I have trained predominantly in the Iyengar and Anusara traditions and my classes reflect this by bringing a heavy focus to detailed alignment, deep relaxation and yogic philosophy. Every person's structure is different, however there are universal principles of alignment that can bring greater health and resilience to anybody. When practiced with mindfulness, yoga is a profound method to heal the physical body; postural imbalances, pain, injuries, stiff joints, shortness of breath and even organ depletion can be revitalized by yoga. 

 I also use yoga as a way to treat stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety and other mental and emotional instabilities. I incorporate breathing practices (pranayama), mindfulness techniques, relaxing meditation, yoga postures and the study of classical yogic philosophy in each of my classes to work with the mind, body and spirit simultaneously. Breath and the mind are intimately linked to the health and wellbeing of us all. Once mindful breathing can be incorporated into daily life, the experience of greater peace and calmness is much easier. When Yogic philosophy is studied and experientially applied as a way of being, huge shifts in one's happiness, contentment, compassion and understanding can take place.



Laughing At The Word Two:


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Only a Perfect One

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